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How to Choose the Right Liquor Gift Basket

Liquor can be an excellent gift for any occasion. Be it a birthday of your pal, a professional get-together at your office, a wedding, a bachelorette or bachelor party, an anniversary or Christmas. It is a nice gift for those whom you know dearly as well as those you don’t know very well. If there is someone in your life whom you want to thank for whatever he has done for you, no gift is better than a wine gift basket.


The great thing about liquor is that it can be a great last-minute rescuer. In today’s fast paced world, people hardly have time for buying gifts for others prior to a special occasion. Here comes the advantage of choosing alcohol. You can order good quality wines from Dial A Bottle Service in Calgary in the comfort of your home and enter the family gathering with a winning smile.

If you know nothing anything about the taste of the receiver you are gifting, try to get something about his background. Below are some varieties of alcohol and some tips on how to choose them.


This particular drink is not loved by many people. Finding a bottle of vodka or tequila would be the smartest option for those who do. You can also add other items like shot glasses of various sizes and margarita mixers.


Those who prefer whiskey are highly concerned about the age of their drink. Try to find as aged a bottle as possible. Single malt Scotch is a favorite of the whisky lovers. When you buy this, ensure it’s from a single distillery.


While many alcohol enthusiasts love to drink this on a regular basis, everyone may not like it as a gift on an occasion. But for someone who would, you may consider gifting it including brewing kits in their basket. They will simply love it.

Finally, utilize your imagination when decorating the gift basket. There are a number of options to choose from when you look into the collection of liquor delivery service providers. Make your selection smartly.

Fill the basket with small items that complement the choice of alcohol you have included to make a great gift basket. To give it a classy touch, you can wrap the bottles of alcohol in satin and place them tastefully in the basket. Use colorful and shiny trinkets to add the celebratory feel to the gift basket.

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