Wednesday 04, February, 2015

How to Celebrate Champagne Safely

Do you love celebrating a special event with a glass of Champagne? Make sure to pop open a bottle with a perfect uncorking technique. Be confident about opening Champagne and check out these strategies on how to open it every time safely without no spills or unplanned explosion.


  • Chill Well

Before opening, Champagne should be chilled well. If not chilled appropriately, it will foam too much as soon as opened and overflow when poured. This type of liquor contains lots of bubbles filled with gas which enlarge when warm. Pressure builds with each degree in temperature and this can make a cork fly out unpredictably. To protect your eyesight as well as the taste of your bubbly, always ice up your Champagne to about 45 degrees.

  • Don’t Shake, Throw or Point at Somebody

Don’t shake the bottle as agitating Champagne raises pressure. Also, avoid pointing the bottle at anyone as apart from beyond being impolite, it might cost someone an eye. First, remove the foil to untie the wire cage on the bottle. It’s vital to hold the cork steadily in case it pops on its own.

  • Control, Tilt, Twist

After the foil is torn off, hold down the cork with your palm while taking away the wire hood. Never apply a corkscrew to open a bottle sparkling wine. You can drape the top of the bottle with a kitchen towel or napkin and hold it tightly while keeping it away from your face and body. With a firm grip on the cork, rotate the bottle gently until the cork loosens and pops out easily.

Grasp the cork after placing a towel over the complete top of the bottle. Point the bottle at a 45 degree angle away from yourself as well as any bystanders. Firmly and slowly twist the bottle at its base while holding the cork to break the seal. Counter the force of the cork using a bit downward pressure just as the cork breaks free.

  • Cheers!

Finally, it’s time to toast! Pour the champagne into a flute, about 2 fingers worth, allowing some of the bubbles to subside before you fill the glass. Clink cautiously to avoid breaking any glasses.

Celebrate Champagne responsibly with quality alcohol and wine delivery in Calgary at your service. Cheers!

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