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Here are 11 Foods That Perfectly Complement A Bottle of Beer

The beer has a special place in the heart of those people who love to go easy. It is the bonafide companion for lazy evenings. If you love beer, you already know that. Ideal for a game night or just when chilling out with your friends, beer is everything ever you need. The chilled drink has found its place and been an absolute favorite in the world for centuries. Yes, search through history and you will find the mention of the fuzzy liquor in the pages of Mesopotamia.

Dial a bottle service

Since beer is your best shenanigan for a lazy evening, you can’t just keep it alone. The true beer enthusiasts know that you need companions to keep the buzz alive. So, what should you eat with your beer?

Want to know? Scroll down. By the end of the article, you will know that along with the beer, which type of food you need to order from the dial a bottle service based in Calgary.

Chips & Dips

A beer party minus chips and dips make no sense whatsoever. You need to have a few packets of salted chips (the flavored ones are good as well, but don’t bet too much on them), and at least three types of dips- cheese, guacamole and hummus. Your party will be complete and no one will complain about the lack of good food.

Salted Peanuts

The original companion for beer, salted peanuts is a must in a beer party! You can opt for variations with salted almonds and cashews, but you know, peanuts are the best.


Somewhere between healthy and oily, breakfast and beer, sausages have the ability to bounce about everywhere without feeling out of place. It is highly recommended if you have a bunch of people coming over to your place and need something less messy.

French Fries

These are the beer classic. In fact, anything that reads “deep fried potato” is acceptable with beer. But the crispy golden French fries with their elegant taste is too hard to ignore. You know that!

Just a Tip: Use a barbecue dip for the french fries or add a touch of zing to these by sprinkling herbs and spices on top.

Chicken Wings

You want the main course, chicken wings. You want just a snack, chicken wings. The tenderness of chicken combined with the tangy flavor of sauce, chicken wings are best savored with a chilled bottle of beer. (Go for something extra spicy if you love spicy food!)

Cheese and Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers are in themselves one of the best snacks to have in any party. Combined with the twist of cheese (one bite and the cheese overflows), the beer will be thankful. It is a great appetizer and will be enough to keep your guests happy and not hungry!


If beer has best buddies, it would nachos. A plate full of nachos and some spicy dip complements beer so well that it becomes the life of the party.

Just a tip: Go for the cheese flavored nachos completed with a hummus dip. It works best with beer.


If you want something wholesome and filling that complements beer in every way imaginable, look for pizza. Beer and pizza coupled with good friends is the ideal evening you can have. Whether you like extra cheese crust or the thin one, pizza is a bonanza. Do not forget to add your favorite toppings though.

Onion Rings

Beer works best with deep-fried food, and onion rings top the list. Get a mayonnaise batter alongside to dip the rings and savor away to a heavenly combination completed with a bottle of chilled beer.


After a bottle or two of beer, you won’t really have a place for a big burger, but a slider is just enough to satiate your craving while not filling you up that much. Go for the beef sliders with cheese- these are not heavy and taste great.

Chili Cheese Toasts

Cheese and chili combined together and put on top a bread is the ultimate snack on a beer aficionados list. You can add toppings of your choice. Maybe a little extra cheese can make the party smooth and debonair.

So, you ready to order food for your beer party? Contact the best dial a bottle service in Calgary to have both liquor and food delivered to your doorstep in no time. The services will not burn a hole in your pocket. Place your right food order and turn your beer party a raving one.

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