Wednesday 14, October, 2015

Etiquette of Drinking Champagne Like a Pro

Have you noticed what is common during the celebrations of sporting triumphs, parties and occasions? These events seem to be incomplete without uncorking champagne bottles. No matter whether it is Christmas dinner, a party to celebrate the New Year or just hanging out with friends, champagne is made of every mood and occasion. However, many people are now aware of the right etiquettes of drinking champagne. Here, you will learn about these etiquettes hat will surely help you when you dial a bottle of champagne next time.

Etiquette of Drinking Champagne

Keep the Right Temperature

Like any other beverage, it is very important to keep your champagne in the right temperature. If you have got champagne to celebrate a reason, then you should know that it should be kept between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. In addition, to keep the cork safe from drying out, the bottle of champagne should be placed with right direction otherwise, a dried cork can damage the liquid inside the bottle.

If it is time to serve the beverage, always try to serve it in normal room temperature, because too much cold will ruin the bubbles and leave your drink with fewer aroma. To keep its original scent and flavors, champagne should be served at 44 to 48-degree temperature.

Do not Pop the Bottle

There is no doubt that people enjoy the dramatic way of popping the cork of bottle filled with champagne, but at the same time people should be a bit careful about the way they are aiming the cork. If the cork is opened in a wrong way, then a lot of champagne can be wasted and make the place messy.

The best way to open the cork of a bottle of champagne is:

  • Putting the bottle on plain surface
  • Removing the foil slowly
  • Untwisting and taking out the cage wire
  • Keeping your hand on the cork so that it does not fly away
  • Twisting the bottle
  • Wait till the cork released from the bottle

If you follow the procedure, then you can keep your champagne safe from pouring here and there. Moreover, the right opening procedure will give you a better tasting experience.

Do not swirl Your Champagne

Many people love to swirl their champagne so that they look like an experienced champagne drinker. However, you can lose a lot of bubbles by doing this and that will definitely make your champagne flat. You have to pour the beverage slowly into the glass, so that it does not create too much foam, keep it on rest for a few minutes and then sip for the real taste.

Carefully Use the Leftovers

If you find that you still have half bottle champagne even after the end of the party, then what will you do? You will be glad to know that you can store your half bottle of champagne leftover in a refrigerator. However, you should also remember that champagne leftover should not be kept for long like a new and sealed bottle.

Champagne is one of most indispensible parts of a party or any sort of recreational events and if everything is taken care properly, then drinkers can experience the real taste and flavor of their favorite beverage. Now, you know the basics of drinking champagne, call dial a bottle service today.

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