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Drinks Preferred by Celebs & Famous Personalities

Although, you do not have to be an A-lister to grab the bottle of your preferred drink and gulp till the last drop, but there are a few obvious choices of renowned entrepreneurs and rich celebs. This blog will surprise you by presenting a selection of drinks that celebs and famous personalities love, when served with the right mixture and accompaniment. Check out the list.

Drinks Preferred by Celebs

Queen Elizabeth II

Royals raise a glass with Gin and Dubbonet, when served with a fine slice of lemon, ice cubes and the pips removed. This is the much-loved cocktail of Queen Elizabeth II, unveiled in the documentary, which flaunts the delicious taste of sweet cherry tomato.

Stephen Harper

Even though he mentioned that he don’t drink alcohol, but people of Canada and the press have found him sipping beer on some occasions. The brand is not known, but in one of the photographs he was holding a case of Yuengling beer. He is not much fan of a wine unless he is in other countries.

Pamela Anderson

The popular Canadian actress enjoys Andalo Original, a fruit liqueur from Germany, which has 15% of alcohol. The taste is characterized by Orange, Honey and Peach flavors. In addition, the elite French Champagne – Veuve Clicquot is Pam’s all time favorite.

Johnny Depp

Let’s see what’s in the glass for Johnny Depp… and it’s a Bourbon Sour! Whether it is whiskey, bourbon or scotch, the amber-hued liquors attracts bad boys. Even though Jhonny Depp’s bad boy image is a fond memory of the past, he still loves to hang with his preferred alcohol.

Jennifer Aniston

The gorgeous actress in her 40s looks so toned and sexy because she follows a strict diet and hits the gym more than once every day. But that doesn’t mean she is completely off from alcohol consumptions. She happily declared that she loves dirty martini and margarita… little sweet and sour with plenty of kick.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Caroline Beckham, the English businesswoman, fashion designer, model and singer is known for her distinct taste. She loves Armand de Brignac NV Brut Rosé (Ace Of Spades) because it is posh. The rich collection of red fruits with a hint of smoky grilled note, the aromas of blackcurrant and strawberries flaunts a different statement altogether.

Simon Cowell

Like several other westerners, Simon Cowell has plenty of food preferences. He said that the yeast-free Sappro beer is also in his preference-list. The beer from Japan is one of the best choices when accompanied with a plate of fried rice or sushi. It comprises of a nice smooth and crisp flavor and it also improves digestion.

So, when the next time you hit bars, try one of these. Or why take so much pain when you can call Calgary Dial A Bottle service and order them sitting at home. Your orders will be delivered to your doorstep. Sit down on your comfy couch, turn on your favorite show or music and drink like a King!

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