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Dial a Bottle Service for Gifting the Perfect Wine

Wine enthusiasts will love to have a great bottle of wine as the perfect gift for the newlywed couple to celebrate their special day in their lives. They can enjoy the wine during their honeymoon or keep it in their cellar for later use and drink a toast to the gift-giving friend. With the wide spectrum of choices in wines available, and with all their specific flavours, you can select from the many amazing choices for a wedding gift available at Calgary Dial a Bottle and order your favourite drink through Dial a Bottle Service.


Wine as a Wedding Gift

When it comes to searching for the perfect wedding wine for gifting someone, you should consider a few important things in mind. For wine lover with a fine palate, an exclusive bottle of wine will be well-appreciated. And if they are the more casual drinker type, it would do well to select something widely enjoyed.

What is important to remember when selecting a wine is to gift something that the couple will like. You may have a choice of wine, but the couple may not find it enjoyable. If the couple is known to be a white wine lover, gifting a nice bottle that they usually do not go for would be a nice step indeed.

To add an extra element of fun, you could include a tag on the bottle of wine with a personal note and the suggested time for the couple to enjoy it. Maybe on your trip to Spain, you come to know about their favourite Spanish Red, and you could offer a botle of wine from New Zealand as the perfect gift.

And if a wine that ages well is chosen, you can offer it as a great gift that can be used for a certain wedding anniversary, especially if you add a drink by date along with the wedding anniversary year.

You can be sure that the wine will taste much better in comparison to a frozen wedding cake. Calgary Dial a Bottle can find the perfect wine if the anniversary for which the couple will enjoy the bottle and the sum you want to spend on is known. Bordeaux remains as the perfect anniversary wine as it ages well.

Wedding Wine Gift Ideas

Here are a few of the top wedding wine gift ideas for you:

Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Brut Champagne

This champagne is one of the popular choices for celebrations, and are often ordered for weddings. The beautifully designed bottle makes a perfect gift item. Although the bottle is not usually purchased as it is on the pricey side, the champagne is a perfect gift for a wedding couple.

Drappier Cante d’Or Brut

This rice wine from the Champagne region of France has many flavours and has a complex taste. On the economic side, you would do well to send a case of wine.

Domaine Zind Humbrecht Riesling

This Riesling wine has a zingy, fresh taste, and comes from France. It is has a higher acidity, making it a perfect cellar wine.

Calgary Dial a Bottle offers an extensive collection of fine wines that are perfect for a wedding gift. You have the choice for opting dial a delivery in Calgary service to order your favorite wine, and our 24 hour dial a bottle service will deliver it directly to the wedding couple.

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