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Dial A Bottle & Get The Choicest Of Cocktails, Conveniently

Work like a captain and drink like a pirate,’ seems to encapsulate the attitude of drink connoisseurs who frequent pubs and bars to savour the exquisite taste and aroma of alcoholic beverages. The choice of drinks is mainly dictated by the personal predilections of drinkers, wherein one can prefer to have a particular kind of drink, say a wine or vodka, or savour the taste of mixing drinks in the form of a cocktail.

Purists among connoisseurs might baulk at the very mention of cocktails but there are many who swear by their refined taste and richness in aroma. Legend has it that the term cocktail came into being after a lady inn owner used to serve drinks to the soldiers by garnishing the same with feathers of her neighbour’s rooster. In fact, there are a few other tales as well that claim exclusivity to the discovery of cocktail. No matter where the origin of cocktail lies, the fact that it has become arguably the most talked about or flaunted ‘item’ inside bars bears testimony to its rising graph – no offence to the purists though!

Dial a bottle

The very sight of bar tenders exhibiting their deft skills in making a cocktail, say a Martini or a Cosmopolitan, makes them the cynosure of all eyes. How one cannot but be in awe of expert mixologists rustling up snazzy cocktails with a blue flame or an orchid placed inside. In fact, beyond the taste and aroma, it is the visual delight of the cocktail preparation that leaves everyone agape with wondrous amazement.

When cocktail making has almost been elevated to an art form of sorts, why not learn about a few of them.

Dry Martini: The very name strikes a chord with connoisseurs as the drink shown in the James Bond movies. The original is prepared by mixing gin and dry vermouth garnished with an olive or lemon. Although there are many variations of the drink the ones popular, besides the original one, are Vodka Martini, Dirty Martini, and Smoky Martini.

Cosmopolitan: Here, the base spirit is the good old vodka with a smattering of Cranberry juice and lime adding further zest to the whole concoction.

Caprioska: The cocktail is made by adding ingredients like lime, vodka, and sugar spread with mint flavourings.

Manhattan: This cocktail has gone through a journey of its own – from the rye whiskey of the days of yore to the snazzy and modern day bourbon. This particular one is made by taking whiskey as the base spirit and mixing it with sweet vermouth. The final visual delight is obtained by the customary cherry.

Mojito: With rum as the base spirit, the cocktail comes with the added flavourings of lime and mint. The cocktail had its origins in Havana.

Long Island Ice Tea: This one is not about just one spirit but a concoction of four spirits. The ingredients being gin, vodka, tequila, and rum.

Bloody Mary: Vodka is the principle ingredient here with tomato juice, Tabasco, and Worcestershire sauce adding the much needed zing.


The list of cocktails does not end here, for it is up to the cocktail ‘artists’ to bring out newer combinations. Moreover, it is not necessary for patrons or connoisseurs to visit a bar or pub to get their choicest cocktails anymore, for dial a bottle from the comfort of one’s home can do the job as well.

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