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Dessert Wines- A Guide for You to Choose the Best Dessert Wines

Wines are no doubt the best part of any celebration whether it is a birthday, wedding, an anniversary celebration or any other party, big or small. Choosing wines for celebration days is an exciting task. However, for someone who doesn’t have proper knowledge, the task of choosing the right wine to pair it with the right dishes can be confusing and overwhelming. Moreover, choosing the right dessert wine can be more than a task, given that they are different from dinner wines. So let experts from Calgary Dial a Bottle help you to select the best dessert wines.

What are Dessert Wines?

Dessert wines are the type of wines that are served after the main course. These wines are either served with desserts or simply as desserts. These wines taste sweet and are served with the purpose to round off the meal.

Desserts wines differ from dinner wines in terms of sweetness and alcohol content. Dessert wines are made from more ripened fruits that can produce a relatively higher amount of alcohol when fermented. Generally, a wine that has more than 14% ABV is categorized as a dessert wine. However, nowadays less-alcohol content dessert wines are available.

Some Popular Types of Dessert Wines

Dessert wines can range from red to white, sweet to dry, and also can be sparkling wine. For every kind of meal, there is a suitable dessert wine that you can savor after the meal. So let’s check out these:

Port Wine

Deep red port wines are a great match for rich desserts like caramels or chocolate cakes. While the rose or white port wines tastes great when paired with cherries and peaches and when paired with cakes and pies.


Riesling dessert wines are sparkling and are imported from Germany. These wines have a pronounced acidity that goes well with their sweetness and thus, tastes great when paired with cheeses. Other Riesling wines that taste sweeter, go well with citrus-flavoured desserts.


Dark and sweet Sherry wines can be enjoyed on themselves as a dessert or they can be sipped with dark chocolate, ice cream and creamy cakes. These wines are popular as an aperitif that can be served before dinner. However, the wine’s characteristics make them a great pick for after meals as well.

Ice Wine

Ice wine that is also known as Eiswein is produced from grapes that are frozen on the vine. These wines are not produced worldwide and mainly come from Canada and Germany. The white ice wines are best savored with cheeses while the red ice wine tastes best when paired with heavy chocolate desserts.


Sauternes wines are produced in a unique way and can leave you bewildered. These wines are made from grapes that are infected with a fungus called botrytis cinerea. Cringing? Then we will suggest not to because this process helps to yield a wine that has butterscotch, apricot, peach and caramel flavors. Just what you would expect from dessert wines, right?

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If you were thinking about what dessert wine to choose for your guests, then hopefully you are sorted now that we have shared a list of dessert wines and a guide on how you can pair them with desserts. However, if your party is late at night and you are seeking “late-night liquor delivery near me?” Then don’t worry and let Calgary Dial a Bottle take care of your need.

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