Monday 14, May, 2012

Consume Your Favorite Drink Moderately and Keep Health Risks at Bay

Have you heard the benefits of drinking alcohol? Over the past few years, studies have been undertaken to find out the health benefits of alcohol and it has been found that moderate drinking can actually help you slim down, reduce the risk of heart disease and keep several other health problems at bay. If you drink moderately for 3-4 times a week, you can rest assured about your health, no matter how grueling your professional schedules are. This article will throw light on how good alcohol can be for you to lose weight.

To those who are of the opinion that liquor is only harmful for health, the information in this article can be an eye-opener.

It has been found out through research that moderate drinking can reduce the risk of diabetes, in both men and women. Also, a lowered risk of dementia has also been seen in older adults who drink moderately. So, if you have your favorite drink on a moderate level, you are probably not going to encounter health problems for a long time. First thing’s first therefore…don’t be shy to dial a bottle of your favorite drink from a alcohol delivery Calgary store.

Coming back to weight loss, alcoholic beverages are strangely related to your weight. No matter which alcoholic drink you prefer, it contains ethanol, which has no nutritional value whatsoever. Which means, it gets burned by your body very quickly after consumption? The rest of the ingredients in your drink such as sugar and carbohydrates are taken care of by your digestive system.

BUT, chips or any other junk you may have eaten with your drink, are stored as fat by your body directly and immediately. So, that’s where you need to be careful, not in the liquor part, that is, of course, if you drink moderately.

It is less likely to gain weight for women who consume 1-2 glasses of hard drinks a day, without any change in their entire dietary intake. If you have been a moderate drinker for a long time, your body metabolizes the alcohol using more energy and burns the calories in the beverage.

Moderate intakes of alcohol are good for busy professionals, with no time to go to a liquor delivery store or bar. In fact, going to a bar can be harmful without you even realizing it because the atmosphere of the bar where everybody around you is drinking, provides a passive encouragement to go on drinking as much as you want. This is why, opting for a service like Calgary dial a bottle is anytime a better option if you want to continue your moderate drinking routine.

Besides, savoring your favorite drinks at the comfort of your home is more convenient than going to a bar/liquor store and then coming back home. Also, bartenders tend to give you more drinks than you would have at home.

Whatever you do to drink, see to it that your drinking habit stays moderate and you do not become an addict. two 1.5-ounce shots of alcohol and/or two 4-ounce glasses of wine are enough and healthy for your body. So you can now really sit back, relax and dial a bottle.

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