Tuesday 18, September, 2012

Considerations Before Purchasing Bottled Cocktails

Most liquor stores today stack pre-mixed cocktails, like Daiquiris and Margaritas, blended and packaged in suitable bottles. These ready-to-drink beverages might be tempting but when it comes to taste or quality, one should exercise a bit of caution. Else, a poor quality cocktail might not give you the drinking experience you desire. Here are some pointers that will help you  pick out the right drink.

Cocktail Bottles

Check the Label – Some labels can be quite deceptive as they never reveal the true ingredients. You might end up buying a bottle having just the mix and not the base spirit, which means, you have to add it yourself! Therefore, check for labels so that you are not disappointed. If you don’t have a well-stocked bar at home, then make a purchase from liquor delivery Calgary stores. These stores sell bottled cocktails with proper labeling.

If you have a proper bar, then pick out non-alcoholic bottles so that you can make a perfect mix. Pick out Stirrings, a great cocktail mixer. You can also try Tequila in Lemon Drop or Rum in a Cosmopolitan.

Avoid Cheaper Varieties – A low price tag might tempt you to buy but if you are a true liquor enthusiast, then spending a few dollars more should not bother you. You will relish drinking finer quality cocktail and feel happy for spending an additional $5-$7. After all, all good things come at a price!

Opt for Reputed Brands – Stick with brands that are popular and mostly sold. For example, Charbay and 1800 Tequila are reputed names. Drinks from Charbay, for instance, are popular for their natural flavoring. These are sweet aperitifs and are great refreshments to rouse your appetite before a meal. Avoid buying something from disreputable spirit producers.

Say NO to Creamy Mixtures – Avoid buying the creamy blends as they will spoil the party mood. Drinks such as the Pink Squirrel, is too sweet and not suitable for everyone. If you are looking for a creamy variety, opt for the Mudslide as it is made using coffee liqueur, vodka and Irish cream liqueur.
Avoid Unnatural Ingredients – There are some brands that opt for this shortcut. What they do is add synthetic ingredients and colors to make the beverage more tempting. In nine times out of ten, you will find these to be too sweet to gulp down, leaving you dissatisfied and longing for a clean taste.

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