Monday 21, April, 2014

Change your Glass and Enhance the Taste of Wine

The very topic might seem to come as a surprise for many people; there was a time when just having wine glasses marked the owner as sophisticated since we used to think that these kinds of things are meant for top end restaurants only and not for us who simply call for alcohol and wine delivery when the mood arises. However, with time people are growing conscious; now people are buying not only special glasses specifically to drink wine but also they think that different wines need different glasses.

Matching wine and glassware is not really a new concept but it has gained prominence and attention recently. In fact, some researchers feel that the various glass shapes used at pubs for hock, champagne, port, claret and sherry is nothing but a ruse to disguise poor quality wine. According to them the tulip-shaped colourless glass with narrow upper rim is the best glassware to enjoy your wine.

Different shaped wine glasses

Others however claim something. Generally open and wide glassware require people to lower their heads to sip the wine while with narrow rims the head has to be tilted backwards to sip. According to them when sipped in this position, the beverage is delivered and positioned to various taste zones of their palate. This point of view is advocated by most people these days. So here are some tips to keep in mind when changing your glass so that you get an enhanced taste of wine when drinking it.

The glass quality should be of utmost importance. Ideally, thin and delicate crystal should be used to make wine glasses. The taste will be interfered with when the glass is crafted from cut or fused glass. The “clink test” is the best way to determine the quality. When you toast, the glasses should make a clink sound, not a clunk.

Generally speaking, red wines should be drunk from glasses that have large, slightly elongated and broad bowls. White wines should be served in glassware with narrow bowls since the more delicate aroma of the wine can be concentrated better. Sparkling wines and champagne are served in champagne flutes which are thin, tall and shaped like tulips. It helps in enhancing of the visual enjoyment that is portrayed by the bubbles travelling to the top.

liquor delivery at their place, there is the option of buying a red wine glass of medium size. You will be able to enjoy the red wines but the white wines will not be overwhelmed as well.

One thing that you must remember is that while the proper glassware enhances the experience of wine drinking, it certainly will not make a bad wine taste good. But it can definitely make drinking a good wine a memorable experience.

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