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Tuesday 09, October, 2018

7 Different Types of Liquor and How They Benefit You

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Okay, now let’s get real here: Alcohol and healthy are two words that don’t fit the sentence together! Healthy is not the best adjective you would use to describe alcohol. But there is more to the story! Whether you are … […]

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Thursday 04, October, 2018

Do You Know Your Tequila? Here are the 5 Types You Should Care About

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No party is complete without tequila, the world’s most popular spirit. It certainly brings an edge to the party. And weird party games only become funnier and better with tequila shots waiting to be consumed. However, the confusion surrounding tequila … […]

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Tuesday 11, September, 2018

Here are 11 Foods That Perfectly Complement A Bottle of Beer

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The beer has a special place in the heart of those people who love to go easy. It is the bonafide companion for lazy evenings. If you love beer, you already know that. Ideal for a game night or just … […]

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Thursday 12, July, 2018

11 Amazing Health Advantages of Drinking Beer

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Brewing and drinking beer can be traced back to 5000 BC! Turn through the pages of ancient Mesopotamia and you will notice that throughout, the Mesopotamians would brew beer in their homes. It was only after the Industrial Revolution that … […]

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Wednesday 04, February, 2015

How to Celebrate Champagne Safely

Do you love celebrating a special event with a glass of Champagne? Make sure to pop open a bottle with a perfect uncorking technique. Be confident about opening Champagne and check out these strategies on how to open it every … […]

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