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Thursday 16, April, 2015

A Few Tips to Take Wine Order from the Guests

Wine Order from the Guests

Quite a number of diners rely on the servers to suggest the wine that they enjoy. While the guest has a proper experience, the guest tips well and the server becomes happy and the restaurant becomes successful. So, while taking … […]

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Saturday 14, July, 2012

Savor the Taste of Tequila with Lip Smacking Food!

People believe that food should be paired with tequila according to the Mexican culture. There is a myth that one cannot enjoy a shot of tequila unless it is matched with conventional Mexican dishes like burritos, tacos, tostadas, and enchiladas. … […]

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Monday 02, July, 2012

Know How a Bottle of Alcohol Can Become a Cool Gift Item

A bottle of alcohol or wine can become a great gift for special occasions. It can be a birthday celebration, a wedding reception, a corporate get-together, an anniversary or a bachelor party. It can be a cool present for your … […]

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Friday 15, June, 2012

Liquor Delivery Agencies that can Brighten up Family Reunion Events

Nowadays, people remain busy with their professional life so much that they do not have time for spending with family members and relatives. That is why a lot of people opt for family reunion events. These events give them a … […]

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Wednesday 30, May, 2012

How to Run a Liquor Delivery Service and Inventory

Approximately 80kms from the Canadian Rockies, Calgary is a small city situated in an area of prairie at the province of Alberta. In Calgary, 1,096,833 people include individuals hailing from different cultures, who live life working, looking after their family … […]

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