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Thursday 16, April, 2015

A Few Tips to Take Wine Order from the Guests

Wine Order from the Guests

Quite a number of diners rely on the servers to suggest the wine that they enjoy. While the guest has a proper experience, the guest tips well and the server becomes happy and the restaurant becomes successful. So, while taking … […]

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Wednesday 04, March, 2015

How to Choose the Right Liquor Gift Basket

Liquor can be an excellent gift for any occasion. Be it a birthday of your pal, a professional get-together at your office, a wedding, a bachelorette or bachelor party, an anniversary or Christmas. It is a nice gift for those … […]

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Monday 23, February, 2015

Liquor Delivery Services to Make Your Wedding Event a Grand Success

A wedding calls for a huge celebration. It’s an occasion when your family and friends have a good time together. These days, fashion, decorations, food and liquor play a crucial role in determining whether the wedding event ends up as … […]

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Thursday 20, November, 2014

Matching Beer with Ceremonial Dinner on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

For many people, Christmas dinner is one of most predictable meals of the year. Full of first-class food and excellent company, this meal can surely be the major attraction of the winter. Even though, wine as a common beverage is … […]

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Tuesday 18, September, 2012

Considerations Before Purchasing Bottled Cocktails

Most liquor stores today stack pre-mixed cocktails, like Daiquiris and Margaritas, blended and packaged in suitable bottles. These ready-to-drink beverages might be tempting but when it comes to taste or quality, one should exercise a bit of caution. Else, a … […]

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