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Friday 23, August, 2019

How A Bottle Of Whiskey Can Be The Gift To Woo Your Man?


Gifting a bottle of whiskey to your man can be considered the ultimate gift, albeit if you make the correct choice. The great thing about gifting a bottle of whiskey is that you have a huge range of options to … […]

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Tuesday 09, October, 2018

7 Different Types of Liquor and How They Benefit You

Dial A Bottle

Okay, now let’s get real here: Alcohol and healthy are two words that don’t fit the sentence together! Healthy is not the best adjective you would use to describe alcohol. But there is more to the story! Whether you are … […]

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Thursday 04, October, 2018

Do You Know Your Tequila? Here are the 5 Types You Should Care About

Calgary Dial A Bottle

No party is complete without tequila, the world’s most popular spirit. It certainly brings an edge to the party. And weird party games only become funnier and better with tequila shots waiting to be consumed. However, the confusion surrounding tequila … […]

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Friday 17, August, 2018

Talk About Beer Like a Pro: Know Your 6 Types of Beer

Open the beer menu and you enter a dizzying world of options and variations. At first, all of these might just look similar, one sip onto the glass and all of your 10,000 taste buds come to play. So you … […]

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Wednesday 04, July, 2018

A Beginner’s Guide to The Perfect Wine and Dine Pairings

Wine delivery in Calgary

For expert gourmet lovers, you would know that wine is exquisite and not everything can be the perfect compliment for it. Be it at a party or first date, having an idea about the finest and most vibrant wine and … […]

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