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Thursday 27, January, 2022

Dessert Wines- A Guide for You to Choose the Best Dessert Wines

Wines are no doubt the best part of any celebration whether it is a birthday, wedding, an anniversary celebration or any other party, big or small. Choosing wines for celebration days is an exciting task. However, for someone who doesn’t … […]

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Wednesday 01, September, 2021

How is Drinking Whiskey Good for your Health?

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Usually, people grow up with the notion that whiskey or any other alcohol is injurious to health. They come with no health benefits and exist only to satisfy one’s taste buds. Well, it’s high time to abandon those thoughts that … […]

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Friday 24, April, 2020

How Drinking Whiskey in Moderation is Good for Your Health?


“The light music of whisky falling into glasses made an agreeable interlude.” ― James Joyce, Dubliners Savouring your favourite whiskey, gazing at the scenery outside and feeling the gentle breeze caress your face, isn’t this what makes your soul delighted? Whether you … […]

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Tuesday 11, February, 2020

4 Types of Drinks Suitable for Serving in a Business Event


Today, organizing an event without alcoholic drinks is like having a sumptuous dish that lacks the right taste. Alcohol has emerged as an essential tool for socialization. Be it at a birthday party, marriage anniversary or convocation, making liquor arrangements … […]

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Thursday 09, January, 2020

4 Alcohols That Taste Best When Refrigerated


After a day’s hard work what you really desire for is some peace and your favorite liquor. All you need is some ‘me-time’ to prep you up for the next day. Some may require mouth-watering food to add passion to … […]

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