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Friday 11, October, 2019

Enjoy Health Benefits with Wine Delivery in Calgary

Wine delivery in Calgary

Usually, people grow up with the notion that wine or any other alcohol is injurious to health. They come with no health benefits and exist only to satisfy one’s taste buds. This common inkling is perhaps the main reason why … […]

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Thursday 14, December, 2017

The Many Types And Styles of Your Favourite Beer

Calgary dial a bottle

Among all the alcoholic drinks beer is arguably the one that we are initiated into when we taste alcohol for the first time. The drink has an effervescent quality (not the froth that stays at the top though!) that connects … […]

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Monday 29, February, 2016

Make Your Birthday Special with Calgary Dial a Bottle

Chilled beer with Calgary Dial A Bottle

When it comes to a birthday celebration, who does not want an all-out-party-bash? From humungous cakes, to frolicking party plans and cases upon cases of beers, you should know how to make it super-special. Every time, it is not possible … […]

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Monday 11, January, 2016

Have a Blast on New Year Weekends – But Keep Hangover at Bay

New Year Weekend Party

Despite knowing the sour consequences, people never miss a single opportunity of getting booze to enjoy the eve of the New Year. However, there is hardly anything to complain because this is the time to let your hair down. So, … […]

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Wednesday 30, September, 2015

Drinks Preferred by Celebs & Famous Personalities

Drinks Preferred by Celebs

Although, you do not have to be an A-lister to grab the bottle of your preferred drink and gulp till the last drop, but there are a few obvious choices of renowned entrepreneurs and rich celebs. This blog will surprise … […]

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