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Thursday 04, October, 2018

Do You Know Your Tequila? Here are the 5 Types You Should Care About

Calgary Dial A Bottle

No party is complete without tequila, the world’s most popular spirit. It certainly brings an edge to the party. And weird party games only become funnier and better with tequila shots waiting to be consumed. However, the confusion surrounding tequila … […]

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Monday 22, February, 2016

Get an Account of Wine & Alcohol Delivery Industry in Calgary

wine delivery Calgary

Be it a success party, or a grand-gala-day-celebration, or a weekend chill-out with friends; everything seems peaky without a bottle of alcohol. Roaming from one liquor store to another has gone out of fashion. Liquor delivery services are ruling the … […]

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Monday 30, November, 2015

Dial a Bottle As a Gift to Your Friends and Families

Dial a bottle to your friends and family

Superb-quality wine and alcohol have long been the drink of celebration and jubilations. Since the Medieval period to the modern decade, fines quality wine has come a long way as the most perfect drink of rejoice and merriment. But in … […]

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Monday 21, April, 2014

Change your Glass and Enhance the Taste of Wine

The very topic might seem to come as a surprise for many people; there was a time when just having wine glasses marked the owner as sophisticated since we used to think that these kinds of things are meant for … […]

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Monday 13, January, 2014

How to Arrange the Best Wine and Dine Party

Wine and Dine Party

A party indeed becomes special with fine wine at the dine! For an awesome party, one that would be spoken off in high regards, Alcohol & wine delivery in Calgary Alberta service providers are one of the best options. The … […]

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