Monday 13, May, 2013

Boost Up Summer Time Parties with Refreshing Cocktails

The summer time is approaching and with its arrival, we have to be prepared to embrace those hot days. The unbeatable heat and the sparkling rays of the sun need to be encountered with everything that is cool and fresh. A bath in the cold waters of the swimming pool or a sip of a refreshing drink works wonders in relieving you from all the tiredness. So, if you are planning up for a summer party on a particular weekend, you have to arrange for everything that has a cooling effect about them. With the Dial a Bottle services in Calgary promising to deliver a range of good quality liquors, organizing a cocktail party would definitely be an excellent idea.

Summer Time Parties with Refreshing CocktailsConsider Preparing Some Cool Cocktails
In a summer time party or celebration, it is obvious for your guests to prefer nice, cool drinks rather than junk, heavy foods. You can take this opportunity to prepare some excellent cocktails with wine, beer and other varieties of alcohols merged with flavored juices and syrups. Your guests will not only appreciate your efforts but also look forward to such gathering in future. Here is a list of few cocktails along with their recipe that you can try out rather easily right at your place:

Ultimate Ketel One Lemonade
It is perhaps needless to mention that the flavor of the lemon goes perfectly well with the summer heat. The Ultimate Ketel One Lemonade is an excellent cocktail made with a combination of lemonade and vodka. The process of preparing it is quite trouble- free as all you have to do is mix up the two drinks in the desired proportion and shake the mixture well with ice cubes. Serve the beautifully colored cocktail with a lemon wheel attached to the rim of the glass.

Mojito is a very popular drink that can surely be a hit in any summer party. The combination of the mint and the lime flavor makes it one of the most refreshing drinks that you can enjoy and let others do the same. The alcohol base of this cocktail is the Captain Morgan Rum. With this, real mint leaves need to be used for that perfect flavor. The mint leaves are usually placed in the bottom of the glasses and on them, the rum, sugar and lime juice are added and mixed well. The drink is ready to be served with soda water and some more mint leaves used for garnishing.

There are many others that you can consider preparing for summer parties. The recognized dial a bottle service- provider can not only deliver you with the liquors of your choice and that too, at your place, but also offer information regarding professional bartenders and so on.

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