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Best 5 Bourbon Whiskies for You to Try

Whiskey enjoys great popularity across the world. However, the world of whiskey is very complicated and extremely diverse, especially now more than ever. So, although it’s true that you have more options now, it can get really tough for a first-time drinker to pick the best one. There are many types of whiskey such as scotch, rye, bourbon, blended and more. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best bourbon whiskeys that every whiskey connoisseur must taste once in their life. So, if you are looking for the best bourbon recommendations, then read this blog till the end.
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Top Bourbon Whiskeys for You to Savor

Let’s check out some of the best bourbon whiskeys available in the market;

Four Roses Single Barrel

Enjoyed neat or on the rocks for experiencing the ultimate taste, this bourbon is a staple among bourbon-loving Americans. Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon has won various taste competitions over the past decade and is considered a versatile spirit. It is loved for its caramel, raisins and vanilla notes with a hint of charred oak. It has a fruity aroma, medium colour and a delicate long finish.

Pappy Van Winkle

Considered one of the finest bourbons, Pappy Van Winkle is known for its sweetness and superior finish. If you want to experience a unique bourbon, then this can be your best pick. Although it is not one of the affordable bourbons available, nothing ever can go wrong with this bourbon. We bet, that once you experience it, your taste bud would crave more.

Bourbon Whiskies

Knob Creek 9-Year Old

This sweet and spicy perfectly balanced bourbon is named after the area in Kentucky where Abraham Lincoln grew up. Knob Creek 9- Year Old is a popular pick at a friendly price point and has a note of caramel, and nuts. It is a simple, distilled in traditional style bourbon that is enjoyable and can be one of the best picks for beginners.

Elijah Craig Small Batch

This award-winning bourbon is one of the smoothest, soft and layered bourbons. It has a fruity taste with a subtle smokiness and just the perfect balance between spice and sweetness. Hence, it appeals to all palates and can be one of the best picks for your parties.

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Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon

Wild Turkey 101 is a bourbon that is aged for a minimum of five years in American White Oak barrels with a level 4 char. The liquor is obtained after 55 seconds of fire after the barrel begins to crack and discloses a shiny, rough pattern that resembles an alligator skin and thus, called Alligator Char. The result is a spicy flavor profile and liquor that is deep in color.


There are many bourbon brands that you can try, however, if you are looking for the best bourbon, then you can try the above-mentioned ones. As we have selected and listed only the best ones. Now, whether you are throwing a party and want to impress your guests or you want your taste buds to experience the smoothest and best bourbons, then first go ahead and order these bourbons. Are you based in Calgary and looking for a reliable dial a bottle service in Calgary? Then, order from Calgary Dial a Bottle and get prompt doorstep delivery.

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