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Beer Delivery Calgary – Do You Know The Best Types?

It is said that Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth. But do you know which alcohol was first invented? Beer it is! It is said that Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth. But do you know which alcohol was first invented? Beer it is!

Today, beer is one of the most popular drinks that you get in every liquor shop or even order online. Surprisingly, the history of its popularity dates back to ancient Egypt. 6000 years ago, beer was first brewed in Egypt where it was consumed as a healthy drink. In fact, drinking a glass of beer everyday was a part of their daily diet! Over the years, with the invention of new techniques and procedures, now we can choose beers based on their unique taste, colour and flavour.

Want to know the most popular beer varieties? This blog is just for you. The following is a list of the most popular beer types that you can get at any online liquor delivery store.


What Are the Most Sought-after Types of Beers?

1. Lager – This is the most basic type of beer that you can find in any store from any part of the world. Even if you opt for a liquor delivery Calgary service, you will never see the lager variant running out of stock! Made with lager yeast, this type of beer is light and doesn’t give a tipsy feeling, making it the most popularly consumed beer type all over the world. The brands Heineken, Budweiser and Sapporo, are well-known for this beer type.

2. Ale – If you are fond of strong beers, don’t miss out on ale. First brewed in the United Kingdom, this strong beer is known for its unique style of fermentation. Ale is further classified into –

. American Amber Ale
. American Pale Ale
. Blonde Ale
. English Pale Ale

3. Stouts – Offering a more roasted taste, stout beer is another variety of porter beer with moderate to high alcohol content. Stout beers have more varieties like American imperial, American and oatmeal and milk. On this note, do you know there’s a beer that tastes a bit like chocolate? Sounds unbelievable? You’ve read it right and that is the milk stout. Thanks to the presence of lactose sugar that adds the chocolate taste to this stout beer. On a warm summer day, ordering a bottle of milk stout beer through any Calgary liquor delivery service and pairing it with rich dark chocolate, is sure to make you happy!

4. Wheat beers – You may have guessed it already that this beer gets its name from its ingredient. This beer type uses wheat as the malt and falls under the ‘light beer category’ for their low alcohol content and light colour. Due to their tangy flavours, they taste great with fruits. Further varieties include American Pale Wheat, Belgian Witbier, Berliner Weisse, Hefeweizen and others.

5. Porters – Porters are again dark coloured beer varieties with chocolate, caramel or coffee flavours. This dark beer is notable for the froth and foam on the top and first became popular in U.k. American Imperial, English Brown and Robust are the must-try variants for their malty sweetness, low alcohol content and a fine caramel flavour.

Conclusion –Bitter, sweet, strong, light, chocolaty or caramel, beer offers you a great variety of tastes and flavours. Only 3 steps need to be followed to taste your favourite beer – contact a reputable service for beer delivery in Calgary, choose the beer type as per your preference (you can also pair it up with any food of your preference) and place your order. Your beer will be served within an hour! To know more about our liquor delivery services, call us on 403-918-3030.

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