Calgary Dial a Bottle

Calgary Dial A Bottle

Calgary Dial A Bottle

Calgary Dial a Bottle was established in the year 2007. We provides door-to-door delivery of beer, spirits, liquor, wine, and champagne. One of our special features is that we deliver products within an hour to clients living in any part of the city. We can assist you in organizing special events of your life. Connect with meon Google+

What are Some of the Best Snacks You Can Try with Wines?

Whether you are having a party or relaxing after a long hectic day sipping your favorite wine, having the right snack as an accompaniment makes all the difference. However, choosing the right snacks to savor with your wine requires knowledge … […]

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4 Easy Vodka Cocktails that You Need to Try!

Vodka is a drink that is famous for its neutral base and friendly mixing nature. So if your choice of drink is vodka for your cocktails then, you should make the most of it. Many vodka-based cocktails can be easily … […]

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5 Low Alcohol Wines To Avoid A Hangover

There are people who hate any hangover after drinking too much and fitness freaks who want to enjoy a drink but don’t want to regret it later. If you are someone to whom this sounds familiar, then here we have … […]

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Top 5 Reasons Why Drinking Gin can be Good for Your Health

Gin is produced from a certain type of berries called juniper berries, which are regarded as “super fruits” and known to produce the healthiest of all spirits called gin. Gin is a low-calorie spirit with botanical properties that exist even … […]

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Dessert Wines- A Guide for You to Choose the Best Dessert Wines

Wines are no doubt the best part of any celebration whether it is a birthday, wedding, an anniversary celebration or any other party, big or small. Choosing wines for celebration days is an exciting task. However, for someone who doesn’t … […]

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