Calgary Dial a Bottle

Calgary Dial A Bottle

Calgary Dial A Bottle

Calgary Dial a Bottle was established in the year 2007. We provides door-to-door delivery of beer, spirits, liquor, wine, and champagne. One of our special features is that we deliver products within an hour to clients living in any part of the city. We can assist you in organizing special events of your life. Connect with meon Google+

5 Types of Bouquets You can Buy for Different Occasions

Gifting flowers is certainly a great way to express your emotions and feelings. These silent things speak out loud even when your tongue fails to utter a single syllable. So, why not present your near and dear ones with a … […]

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What Are the Top Chocolate & Wine Pairings to Try at Home?

There is no perfect and sweeter combination than wine and chocolate. The lightness of white chocolate, the amazing textures of dark chocolate, and the creamy smoothness of milk chocolate, all have their own hidden flavors. And the same goes for … […]

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Statistical Insights on Alcoholic Beverage Market in Canada

People drink alcohol for numerous reasons. For some people, drinking alcohol is a way to complement a nice meal or celebrate an occasion. Some drink it because they believe it’ll help them handle stress. And then, there are some people … […]

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Reasons Why Drinking Champagne is Good for Your Health

Whether you are celebrating New Year’s Eve at midnight, your college graduation, or your wedding anniversary, your festivities likely have one thing in common: champagne. The bubbly, light-coloured wine has historically been associated with social occasions and luxurious parties. Although … […]

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Which are the Most Popular White Wine Grapes Varieties?

To set the record straight, white wines are in no way less sophisticated than red wines. As opposed to the deeper, more complex notes of red wines, white wines are typically known for their fruity-freshness and can be just as … […]

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