Calgary Dial a Bottle

Calgary Dial A Bottle

Calgary Dial A Bottle

Calgary Dial a Bottle was established in the year 2007. We provides door-to-door delivery of beer, spirits, liquor, wine, and champagne. One of our special features is that we deliver products within an hour to clients living in any part of the city. We can assist you in organizing special events of your life. Connect with meon Google+

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Calgary During the Winter

Calgary is a paradise for winter lovers all across the globe. You can well imagine this location for every great winter activity. There is so much for the visitors to do and Calgary families can have a great experience while … […]

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Ways in which Alcohol can Help you Shed the Extra Weight

Are you also plagued by the notion that if you want to lose weight you will need to abstain from the consumption of alcohol? Rest assured, because studies have suggested otherwise. Various researchers have deduced that alcohol could actually help … […]

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Enjoying Liquor at a Wine Festival without having a Hangover

The wine festivals organized all around the world bring together wine connoisseurs who have a penchant for good wines. In fact, the organizers of most wine festivals usually enlist the help of dial a bottle service in NW or other … […]

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Set up a Creepy Halloween Party with Some Great Fun Ideas

Nowadays, Halloween is celebrated all across the world in different ways. It has become one of the most widely celebrated festivals on the modern American calendar. Halloween party games are great ideas to kick the fun party into high gear. … […]

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Ideas for Hosting a Successful Wine and Dinner Party

Wine and dinner parties can be a great time of fun, fellowship and good food (and obviously good liquor!). However, if not planned properly, it can definitely come across as unorganized and boring. These parties are a great way to … […]

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