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An Illustrated Guide to Pairing Wine & Cheese

One marriage no one can object to is the mouth-watering combination of cheese and wine. Both are delicious on their own, but when you pair the two, you can see the magic. Be it tannic, light, sweet, or dry, you can bet there’s a wine out there for every cheese (even fondue!). All you need to do is avail of a service for wine delivery Calgary and pair it with the cheese of your choice.

Even though one of life’s great pleasures is the perfect pairing of wine and cheese, sometimes finding the perfect combination is a daunting task. While there are a numerous pairings, listed below are some combinations that are particularly popular.

Choicest Wine and Cheese Pairings

1. Cabernet Sauvignon & Aged Cheddar

Cabernet Sauvignon isn’t the most cheese-friendly wine, as it’s complex and deep flavors sometimes clash with the lactic qualities of cheese. So, you’ll want a cheese that has the same boldness to match. When paired with the aged cheddar, the red wine draws out the bold flavors of this strong cheese. If you want to try this pairing, call your service provider for alcohol delivery in Calgary and get the wine delivered at your doorstep.

Wine delivery Calgary

2. Merlot & Garlic and Herb Cheese

The garlic and herb cheese has sharp and tangy flavors. When you pair it with the Merlot, tangy flavors are more heavily emphasized because of the wine’s dry fruitiness. If you are planning on trying this perfect combination, you just have to avail of a service for wine delivery Calgary and pair it with the cheese of your choice.

3. Pinot Noir & Gruyere

With its low tannins, berry flavors and floral aromas, the wine is relatively food-friendly and naturally pairs with medium-sharp cheese. So, when you pair it with a moderately firm cheese such as Gruyere that has nutty flavors, you’ll instantly know what an ideal blend of wine and cheese tastes like.

4. Zinfandel & Gouda

You can never go wrong with Gouda cheese and when you pair it with Zinfandel, you are in for a great treat. The wine has easy tannins, a lovely hint of black pepper with bursting fruit flavors. Similarly, aged Gouda offers a sweet and nutty texture. They are both quite aromatic choices without being too overpowering.

5. Aged Port &Blue Stilton

Aged port is popular because of its full body, sweetness, and bold character. And when you’re dealing with all that, what you need is an equally strong-smelling cheese like Blue Stilton. And, if you don’t feel like going to the store, Calgary dial a bottle has got you covered. Just state your requirements and we will deliver your order straight away at your home/office address.

Final Thoughts:

Wine and Cheese have a lot in common, other than the fact that they pair so well together. They both reach their peak flavors through a period of aging. So, now that we have discussed some of the most sought-after wine and cheese pairings, call a reliable service provider for wine delivery Calgary and enjoy this classic combination. Calgary Dial a Bottle is a renowned dial a bottle service provider in Calgary. Whether it’s a bottle of wine or a can of beer, we are always here. We offer a diverse range of alcoholic drinks like beer, vodka, rum, whiskey, and many more. To avail of our services, call us on 403-918-3030.

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