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Adding Cooking Wines to Enhance the Taste of Your Dish

Don’t just sip wine, eat it! Consider adding wine to your recipe to enhance its taste and make it more scrumptious and mouth watering. Wines are extensively used in the cooking world as they can release flavors of food, thereby intensifying your favorite dish’s zest and taste.

Cooking Wines

There are different types of cooking wines available in the market and these include Sauternes, Marsala, Sherry and Rice Wine. Let’s give you an idea that will help you quickly identify the variety of cooking wine and in what dishes they are used. Quality is the major difference between regular drinking wine and cooking wine. However, cooking with regular drinking wines will always give you a better tasting dish since the quality is much higher. Primarily, there are six styles of cooking wine.

  1. Dry red and white flavor: This type of liquor is perfect for cream soups, beef stews, mussels, wine-based sauces and clams.
  2. Oxidized or dry nutty flavor: It is ideal for using with mushroom gravies on pork and chicken chop, shrimp and rich fish like halibut.
  3. Oxidized or sweet, nutty flavor: This is wonderful for syrups on desserts with vanilla ice cream, nuts and caramel.
  4. Sweet, fortified red wines (Port): It goes well with Port reduction syrup, chocolate cakes, chocolate sauces and savory Port sauces with blue cheese for steaks.
  5. Sweet white flavor: This is great for poaching pears, slightly sweet butter sauces for flaky fish, shrimp and lobster and sweet sauces for fruit tarts.
  6. Rice wines: This is just the thing for Asian BBQ Sauce, Marinades and Glazes.

Cooking wines are comparatively less expensive wines that use salt as a preservative. They can be easily found in groceries and supermarkets. Most professional chefs disapprove the use of cooking wines as the salt content is difficult to work with. You will have to adjust your recipe to work with the saltiness.

Now it’s time to try your hand at experimenting with cooking wines to surprise your loved ones with an awesome dish. You just need to pick quality wines from Dial a Bottle delivery service and start making your favorite recipe!

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