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A Proper Guide to White Wine Service

Learn the correct techniques for serving white wine and use them to impress your friends or guests. Here is a discussion for you to know how to choose the right glasses and serve white wine at the right temperature.

White Wine Service

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Wine
  • 1 Glass
  • 1 Corkscrew
  • 1 Foil Cutter

Step 2: Temperature

Wine tastes dissimilar at different temperatures. Usually, white wines are served chilled, but too much of coldness will kill the taste. For most white delicacies, a few degrees cooler temperature than normal room temperature is ideal.

Step 3: Opening

  • Cut foil with blade, cutters
  • Remove the cork by using the required method depending on the type of opener

Step 4: Glassware

  • A wide range of glasses available and all these have different effect on smell and taste
  • Prefer using ISO tasting glass
  • Glasses for white are generally smaller than red due to the effect on taste
  • You can serve a smaller amount of white wine and it won’t warm up in the glass

Step 5: Serve

  • Do not touch bottle to wineglass
  • Place glass on a solid surface and while pouring do not hold it in the air
  • Serving a third of a glass is perfect, so that required room is left for swirling
  • Prevent drips by twisting the bottle at the end

Good Wine Etiquette will Make you Shine

Looking to know what should you do without a sommelier or wine server managing your booze? Well, here is a guide to wine etiquette you need to follow.

Ladies First

You can serve the eldest lady to the youngest one out in the room. Then, start with old fogies and end with young bucks. To serve your guests walk clockwise around the table until you feel dizzy. Ladies usually peter out first, hence they get first option.

Ask Before Re-pouring

Ask your seat neighbors whether they would like a filler up before you hit your own glass. And you don’t need to bother about your across-the-table neighbors unless they cheer up. Get up from your seat to pour them more, if this happens and enjoy the hero status you get.

The Last Bite Rule

Just like with food, ask if there is a last pour of wine which you really want. You can say: “Would any of you like to share the last pour of excellent wine delivered by Dial A Bottle Services with me?” Yes, be such a gentle person and more than likely, other guests will insist you enjoy it all with social manners.

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