Thursday 16, April, 2015

A Few Tips to Take Wine Order from the Guests

Quite a number of diners rely on the servers to suggest the wine that they enjoy. While the guest has a proper experience, the guest tips well and the server becomes happy and the restaurant becomes successful. So, while taking the order of wine, it is necessary to be well informed about the wine order, have an understanding of the wine the restaurant offers, how this pairs with the entrees and what you can actually do to help the guests to make their decisions.

Wine Order from the Guests

Here are some effective tips that can actually help:

  • Be well informed about the list of wines: The restaurant servers should have a basic understanding of the menu of the restaurant. In case a restaurant has a list of wines, it is more important that the server knows well about the wine on the list and be well prepared to discuss about the wine with the guests. Often people like their servers to offer proper discussion and it is considered to be a disservice in case the server doesn’t offer insight to the list of wines offered by the best liquor delivery service in Calgary.
  • Assist the guests decide on the right wine bottle: While assisting any guest in any decision, ask that person about the wine type that he/she has enjoyed in the past. In case the guest has the memory of wine, which he/she has enjoyed earlier, it will become easier for the server to suggest something similar. Similarly, this will also help the server to keep the wine apart that the guest doesn’t like. Another thing to ask is what the guest likes to order for dinner. According to the basic wine pairing etiquette, it is necessary to pair white wines with fish, chicken and pasta dishes while red wine can be combined with tomato and duck based dishes and red meats. Though these are instructional guidelines, but an experienced server will be able to offer the best wine pairing according to the preference of the guests.
  • Offer a sample: While a customer is not sure what to order, but just wants it, then it is important to offer him/her a sample of the wine. Often the reputable bars allow the guests to taste wine in a small glass before ordering a full glass in case the bottle is already opened. But the most common option is that the servers will assist the guests in deciding the right type of wine for every guest.
  • Decide whether the wine should be decanted: Decanting is basically the process pouring a wine bottle into one glass wine decanter before serving the wine to the guests. This process can be beneficial as this allows the flavors to open up before it is being served as well as this also decreases the amount of sediment, which can be transferred to a glass from a bottle. Besides, decanting also increases the surface of the wine, which is exposed to the oxygen and which can also improve the overall aroma or the bouquet of the wine.
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