Thursday 30, May, 2013

A Day Spent Well in Calgary with Fine Liquors – by David

Wow! It feels great to come across the heartfelt thoughts of one of our esteemed clients, enjoying it out all the way with us. David’s remarkable experience is indeed a great compliment for Calgary Dial a Bottle. Take a tour of what David has to say and indulge yourself in the exciting moments of David!

Thanks to David

Do you love cocktails? Well, I do and this is precisely the reason that added to my enjoyment, when I had spent a day in Calgary. Surprised? Well, who would not like to spend a pleasant evening with strong liquors and friends for company on a summer day? Hello everybody, this is David and I am writing this post to share my pleasing experience of the vacation, which was made all the more special with the dial a bottle service in North West Calgary.

Well, it was a Saturday when I decided visiting my friend’s place in North West Calgary.  However, the weather betrayed me and I was hugely disappointed with the idea of spending an entire day locked indoors without good liquors for company. I certainly did not knew about the doorstep liquor delivery service and was quite taken aback to find a delivery boy standing at the doorstep with a broad smile and packet in his hand. Soon, I got to learn about the wonderful choice of liquor delivery at doorstep that has become quite common and widespread in the city.

What makes the Liquor Delivery Special?

Well, being in Calgary, I found the liquor delivery option quite interesting and special. Whether you are planning a surprise party, a weekend celebration, or a quick hang out with friends, you will never be left disappointed. What makes the specialized service of dial a bottle more appealing is their promise of delivering within an hour. So, even if you consider last minute planning, there is hardly any room for worry.

Here is a quick look at some of the reasons that have made me speak up in favor of the wonderful Calgary dial a bottle service –

  • The dial a bottle supplier offers a doorstep delivery of beer, wine, champagne, and liquor along with snacks and pizzas as company to the drink.
  • The provider works with the belief of meeting deadlines without compromising on the quality and freshness of the product.
  • The dial a bottle service takes special care in understanding the requirement of the customer and deliver the product accordingly without being too passive.
  • The delivery option of the dial a bottle provider is spread across the city.
  • The dial a bottle provider also specializes in the offering of a diverse range of alcoholic beverages and food maintaining a good standard.

Though I was fortunate to experience the dial a bottle liquor delivery option in Calgary for personal purpose, I was quite delighted to know that they take up work for all kinds of corporate events and also for grand personal celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Additional service includes gift wrapping, which opens the door of possibility of surprising a friend or loved one anytime. What adds to the appeal of the dial a bottle is the affordability factor. I was literally surprised to find out such a wonderful service in Calgary that makes celebration so special and that too at such affordable rate.

Article taken from – David

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A Day Spent Well in Calgary with Fine Liquors - by David, 9.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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