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A Complete Guide to Buying the Best Sparkling Wine

Food and liquor are two very important ingredients to make a party successful. Especially, if your guests love alcohol, then they will rate your party on the basis of wine you serve during the event.

Complete Guide to Buying the Best Sparkling Wine

While there are several types of wines such as red and white, no party is complete without a bottle of sparkling wine. There is something so unique about this particular type of alcohol that it can take your party to a new high. If you are organizing an event and planning to buy a bottle of sparkler from a reliable dial a bottle service in NE, read the following points to be a smart shopper.

All that glitters is not gold: You have heard this line several times, right? The same rule applies for this specific drink as well. You must understand that fact that not all the sparkling liquors are Champagne. To be factual, you can’t call any liquor Champagne unless it comes from that region (Champagne) in France. However, while the Champagne region in France is famous for its liquor, there are some other countries in the world that produce high quality sparklers. Some of them are Italy, Spain, New Zealand and Australia.

Check the label before buying: Depending on the region where the sparkling wine was made, the sweetness and dryness levels differ. Check for the following signs on the label.

  • Brut- It dictates the dryness of wine and if you see this word then that means the liquor contains 0-3 grams of sugar/liter. In case you see the word “Brut”, understand that the liquor is dry and if you see “Extra Brut” that means the liquor is even more dry.
  • Sec- It means the liquor is sweet and sugar content is 17-32grams/liter.
  • Demi-Sec- It means the wine contains maximum 50 grams of sugar/liter.
  • Doux- It means the alcohol is very sweet and there must be more than 50 grams of sugar/liter.
  • NV- It’s the short form of “Non Vintage”. Before you start making any presumption, you must make it a point to know that Non Vintage wines are not bad. It’s just that the manufacturer thinks that the bottle didn’t meet his quality standards.

Non Vintage wine should be consumed as soon as possible: We generally think that storing wine is a great concept because old liquor tastes really good. However, this rule does not apply for Non Vintage ones because while vintage wines become softer as the time goes by, Non Vintage are thus not worth ageing. Therefore, make sure that the manufacturing date is of the same year as the date of purchase and consume it as soon as possible.

Bubbles can say a lot about quality: Once you buy a bottle of sparkling wine from a dial a bottle service in NE, pour the liquor in a glass and observe the bubbles carefully. If the bubbles are big and rise up to the surface, then you can be sure about its quality.

Therefore, the next time you sit to plan grand parties always make sure to buy a bottle of sparkler by following the aforementioned tips.

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