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7 Different Types of Liquor and How They Benefit You

Okay, now let’s get real here: Alcohol and healthy are two words that don’t fit the sentence together! Healthy is not the best adjective you would use to describe alcohol. But there is more to the story!

Whether you are opting for a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, sipping anything in moderation can be good for you. Now, this might seem crazy, but over the years, various scientific research has proved otherwise.

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Alcohol has been consumed for thousands of years and used extensively during celebrations of various kinds. Alcohol has been used for its antiseptic purposes. Alcohol has been used for cooking meals. And the list that states the use of alcohol is long. In the modern settings, alcohol has been used to cope with anxiety and stress, but often times, the amount consumed just gets too much and the sedative effects start kicking in.

Alcohol, when consumed in the correct dose, can have health benefits. Owing to the numerous studies and research conducted in this particular field, now using alcohol and healthy in the same sentence won’t be a problem. It might not be entirely therapeutic, but in a limited amount, these beverages can help you lead a healthy life.

To boil things down for you here has been picked seven most popular alcoholic beverages and how they benefit your health.

1. Beer

Surprise, surprise! Beer is good for you! Lowering the risks of heart-related diseases, fighting Alzheimer’s, strengthening the bones and lowering cholesterol are some of the benefits of drinking beer. And all these benefits are actually backed by science. So no more reasons to cut back on one or two bottles daily. However, it is highly advisable to not break the limit and consume more for beer is excessively fatty and can make your sessions at the gym difficult.

2. Whiskey

You want to enjoy a glass of proper alcohol and still reap a bunch of benefits from it? Then you should opt for the old school beverage called whiskey. Not only curing heart diseases and preventing the growth of radical cells, but a glass of whiskey can also be excellent to cure the symptoms of a cough and cold. But be cautious on the amount you are in-taking. Since the alcohol consumption is high in whiskey, drinking too much can backfire. Take it slow and easy!

3. Wine

Loaded with a bunch of health benefits that start with a good heart to proper digestive functions, wine is a guilt-free beverage that we all love. Polyphenols are one of the main ingredients in red wine which is filled with antioxidants that further fight cancer cells and prevents them from growing in the body. One or two glasses of wine daily will make you healthy and happy. However, drink a glass of water between every glass of wine you pour to keep the headaches at bay.

4. Vodka

You are going for a post-work drinking session, vodka is the best option you have. And if facts are to be believed, it is a better stress reliever than red wine. Honestly, it is! Vodka is also known for boosting creativity. However, you have to keep in mind the amount you consume. Since vodka is usually mixed with juices, you should not pour more than 1.5 ounces of vodka (that is one and a half shots). Overdoing vodka gives you a bad hangover and affects your health in a not good way.

5. Gin

The pine flavour of a gin can be attributed to the use of juniper berries, which are known for their diuretic qualities. This means that the berries are excellent in releasing extra salt and water from your body, reducing bloating. The juniper berries are also full of antioxidants that prevent cancerous cells from developing and damaging the body. Word of caution though, gin has high-calorie content due to its inclusion of sugar of high fructose corn syrup. So, go easy on the gin and the tonic if you are conscious about your calorie intake.

6. Tequila

Drinking spirits are good for lowering cholesterol and reducing the risks of heart diseases. But moderate consumption, please! Tequila is often used associated with having emotional effects. It is said to aggravate your anger or hurt (having walk into the bar and ordering tequila shots to drown you feeling). Though there are no scientific researches to support such a claim, it is still advised to take it slow and pay attention to the number of shots you consume. In fact, try avoiding tequila on days you feel absolutely kilter.

7. Champagne

Champagne has gained recognition for being the party starters. You pop a bottle and magically the party gets a kicked off in style. Experts recommend that one or two glasses of this fizzy beverage per week can be good to fight dementia. Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier are the two grapes used to make champagne. These ingredients are known to have excellent brain-boosting qualities. But, remember one or two glasses per week. And just a fun fact, the gas from the bubbles in a champagne aids absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream faster. So take it slow. Never go overboard with champagne. Never!

So, now that you know about the benefits of all these popular alcoholic beverages, make sure you use them well to reap the right health benefits. To get the bottles of your favourite liquor delivered to your house, get in touch with a dial a bottle service provider today!

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