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5 Low Alcohol Wines To Avoid A Hangover

There are people who hate any hangover after drinking too much and fitness freaks who want to enjoy a drink but don’t want to regret it later. If you are someone to whom this sounds familiar, then here we have compiled a list of top 5 wines for you that are low in alcohol content yet taste great. Besides, you can order them from any alcohol delivery Calgary store at cost-effective rates.
So, without much ado, let’s check out the list of top low-alcohol wines that are perfect for all the moderate wine drinkers out there.

Braida Brachetto D’Acqui

Brachetto is a dessert wine that is translucent and displays a ruby red color. The wine has an aroma of dried rose combined with honey and strawberries. A bottle of brachetto contains 5.5% alcohol and can easily become your go-to dessert wine. It has a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity and can be paired well with fruit dishes, nut dishes, cakes, pastries, and even chocolates.

Pinard ET Filles ‘Queer’

This wine from Canada has an alcohol content of below 10% and is a great choice for all wine lovers who want to avoid a hangover after binge drinking. It has a tangy taste and is a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay.

Domaine Renardat Fache Bugey Cerdon

For every low-alcohol content wine lover, this is one of the best wines that you can try out at your upcoming parties or brunch. A light-bodied wine with 7.5-8% alcohol, this is made of Gamay and Poulsard. The sweet rose wine has a flavor of cherries, strawberries, and Alpine spice.

NV Broadbent Vinho Verde

Want to taste a refreshing low-alcohol wine? Then try NV Broadbent Vinho Verde! This crisp white wine is a great choice for any occasion and is loved for its fresh floral aroma, green plant flavor, and lime undertone. You can also pair it with any seafood dish or your favorite chicken salad sandwich. So, want to order a refreshing wine for yourself? Then order from Calgary dial a bottle and get it delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Vietti Cascinetta Moscato D’asti

Want to enjoy a low-alcohol content sparkling wine? Then Vetti Cascinetta Moscate D’asti can be a great pick. This wine with a low alcohol content of 5.5% exudes an aroma of rose petals, peaches, and ginger. It is known for its balanced acidity and sweet taste with notes of honey, apricot, and peach skin, to leave you wanting for more. However, given that it has only 5.5% alcohol content, you can always reach out for that second glass without feeling tipsy.


So, are you ready to try these tasty and low-in-alcohol wines? Then the next time around, if you want to unwind after a long day by sipping some wine or have a housewarming party, just order the above-mentioned low-alcohol wines from the best liquor delivery Calgary store. The store has an extensive wine collection that can be availed anytime at cost-effective rates. At this 10 am to 2 am liquor delivery facility, you can get your share of low-alcohol wines and enjoy the same without getting tipsy.

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