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4 Fascinating Facts that Every Beer Lover Needs to Know

Beer – the drink that instantly cheers you up, is also the oldest (and perhaps the first) invented alcohol in the world. Thanks to the ancient Egyptians dating back to 5,000 B.C. today we can enjoy beer in several styles. The popularity of beer all over the world is unmatched; it is affordable and comes in different flavours as well as alcohol content. Looking for a little malty and light tasting beer? Lagers are great! How about a darker beer that tastes sweet like coffee-and-cream? Surely, stout beer is on your mind. The list of beer styles is endless. There’s a beer type to suit your every mood and you don’t have to scour for it in every off-license in Calgary. Just avail a dial a bottle Calgary service and your beer will turn up in no time.

From being a healthy brew of pomegranates, dates and barley to a drink for all times, beer has come a long way in winning our hearts. You may be a loyal beer lover, but how well do you know about your favourite drink? In this blog, we’ll reveal some interesting and unknown beer facts that are worth remembering.


Interesting Facts About Beer

1. Grain, hops, water and yeast are the four main ingredients:

The ingredients used in beer play a crucial role in determining its feel and taste. Grains like malted barley (sometimes rye or oats) provide beer with the much-needed sugar for fermentation. Water, the forgotten champion, comprises about 95% of the beer and keeps the flavour of the beer intact. The bitterness or sweet taste and even the lovely aroma all come from the hops which also function as a preservative. Finally, comes the hero of the story, the yeast which actually creates the beer by converting sugar into alcohol.

2. Beer colour doesn’t define the alcohol content:

Many people believe that the lighter the beer, the lesser is the alcohol content and vice-versa. But that is completely wrong! Take a look at Duvel, a Belgian strong golden pale ale with 8.5% ABV while Guinness Draught, one of the preferred jet black stouts, has just 4%. So, don’t be fooled by the colour! Looking for beers with lower ABV? The low calorie and low alcohol beers at Calgary Dial a Bottle are worth your attention.

3. All hefeweizens are wheat beers but not all wheat beers are hefeweizens:

Although this is semantics but it can fool even the experienced beer drinker. That’s why knowing the difference will help you figure out the beer you like more easily. Hefeweizens are the German wheat beer style made of wheat (50%) and a Bavarian yeast that imparts the banana, bubblegum and clove flavours usually associated with wheat beers. On the other hand, although wheat beers contain wheat, the yeast that is used creates the difference and hence, not all wheat beers have the same flavours as their German fellow.

4. Canned beer is not substandard to bottled beer:

‘Canned beer is cheap’, such a myth must rest in peace for good. Arguably, canned beers are equally excellent like the bottled ones. In fact, a can offers added protection to the drink inside as it blocks out light and keeps the beer fresh and unspoiled. Besides, carrying a can is so convenient because of its lighter weight. Being more durable, it is suitable for outdoors as there is no chance of breaking. Simply put, drink beer from any flagon and it will still taste superb! Still don’t believe that canned beers are classy? Check out any dial a bottle store and you’ll find canned beer from almost all well-known beer brands.


Amazing isn’t it? Of course, there are many more unknown facts about this communal brew but these were some of the best ones. After reading such facts, one thing is bound to happen to any cerevisaphile (beer lover) –love for beer will be more than ever before! If you are yearning to have some fantastic beers, explore Calgary Dial a Bottle’s amazing beer collection. Ale, lager, stout, malt, wheat or strong, bottled or canned, whatever maybe your choice of beer style, they have it all. And with their dial a bottle service, it is just a matter of 1 hour before your beer is delivered fresh and ready to be opened. For more information, call us on  403-918-3030.

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